Terms and Conditions (Terms of USE) of the use of eTrade Hubs Portal.


This document specifies the general terms and conditions (Terms of Use) of use of the website https://etradehubs.com (www.etradehubs.com ) that are to be followed by all users who intend to visit the pages of the website or use services/tools that are accessible through the site. The site is managed by eTrade Hubs (eTH) with office based in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Anyone who accesses the Website must review the Terms of Use with the utmost of care and ensure he/she understands all the relevant conditions spelt out in all sections of this document. A user accepts the Terms of Use by accessing the web page and with every visit thereafter. If a user does not accept the Terms of Use, it is sufficient to leave the Website. The Terms of Use may be changed or updated at any time in whole or in part, without previously informing users, who are obligated to review them periodically before accessing the contents of the Website.

1. Access to the Website

The Website is general accessible by the general public who seek trade information and will be especially a useful tool for the trading community (companies, traders, importers, exporters, transporters, freight forwarders and agents etc). Access to the site is general free and users will not be required to authenticate for accessing the site. However certain services may require authentication and customer must enter the required information in the registration form. If this information is inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date, access to the services may be denied or suspended. After completing the form, new identification data will be created for access, such as username and password, which may be used exclusively by the customer and those authorised to access the Website in his or her name (the "User"). This authentication information is personal and confidential. The customer and the User agree to handle it confidentially and never to divulge it to third parties in any form. Access to the Website and a consultation of the same is possible 24/7 except for the times when upgrades or maintenance procedures are performed, or outage on internet.

2. Information about processing of personal data

Personal data which you provide when accessing etradehubs Portal will only be used to process registration or request and for administration of the service. Personal data will not be used for marketing purposes unless with expressed permission or consent given by you. e Trade Hubs will not surrender the data to any third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so. You may request information about the personal data relating to you that is processed by etradehubs by submitting a written request via our email address provided in our contact on the website.

3. Website content

The Website offers information or services/tools related to international trade and is aimed to aid traders easily conduct import/export and transit processes across the African continent. The Website contains general information. This information, unless explicitly stated, does not constitute an offer, solicitation to conclude a contract, or a binding obligation and is not a recommendation or specification for import / export transactions by customers. The information is not to be considered or used as professional advice and does not consider the individual requirements of the customer or User.

4. Liability of etradehubs for the content of the Website

Although the information presented on the Website is updated, the content cannot be considered exhaustive and is not to be regarded as such. The material contained on the Website is to be considered "as described", with the possible consequence that it is inappropriate and/or not adequate for the customer’s and/or User’s specific needs and interests. Therefore, etradehubs does not guarantee the reliability of the information contained in the Website and, except in cases of wilful or serious misconduct, cannot be held accountable for:
1. Any errors or omissions in the information available on the Website.
2. Any loss, damage, or expense (including legal fees) caused by the content of the Website or that can be attributed to it.
Hyperlinks with Internet presence of third-party right holders may also be on the Website. In such a case, the hyperlinks have the sole function of facilitating users to navigate, without the content of the Website and the information presented on the homepage of the third-party website being related, and therefore are entirely outside the area of responsibility of etradehubs. In addition, the presence of such links may not be taken as an indication or recommendation of etradehubs to visit the linked web pages in any way. In this context it should be noted that etradehub does not control such websites or the information these websites display, with the result that we cannot be held liable in any way for the content, regulations, truth, accuracy and adequacy of the materials and/or information presented on these third-party pages.

5. Rights to intellectual property

All content on the Website is protected by the relevant provisions in force for copyright and intellectual property. Examples of content of the Website are texts, images, photos, databases, graphics and tables, any arbitrary general graphical and/or textual presentation, methods, processes, functions and software that are used for the functioning of the Website. Subject to the provisions in the contract terms for specific fee-based services provided by the Website, it is not permitted to copy and/or reproduce the contents of the Website without the expressed written permission of etradehubs completely or partially, temporarily, or permanently, in any way or form. The customer and User agrees to use the data and information exclusively for their own internal purposes and not to share it - neither for payment nor free of charge – with third parties or market it directly or indirectly. Failure to comply with this condition will result in deletion of the account and the username, subject to any legal action that etradehubs could take for the purpose of obtaining compensation claims against the subject who committed the transgression. Likewise, all trademarks, domain names, business names, companies and inscriptions appearing on the Website are property of etradehubs, or at least property of third parties that maintain business relations of different types with etradehubs and are therefore protected by the applicable provisions on distinctive marks. Therefore, the reproduction of the same is strictly prohibited in any form or type without expressed authorisation from etrdaehubs and/or the respective legal owner.

6. Characteristics of service

Although etradehubs are using innovative solutions to always maintain the Website accessible and free of any defects, they declare that the computer systems used for access could be inaccessible, incompatible, or not free from defects, viruses and/or other malfunctions. Consequently, anyone accessing the Website recognises and accepts explicitly that its use is "in its present condition, subject to availability."
If any issues arise while on the Website, users can send an email to the section "Contact us" available on the homepage of the Website. Etradehubs does not assume responsibility for any damages incurred due to the lack of accessibility to the Website services or because of damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, interruptions of service, deletion of content, problems with the network, providers or telephone connections and/or telematics connections, unauthorised access, data manipulation, or by malfunction and/or faulty function of the electronic devices of the User himself.

7. Usage procedures of the Website

eTrade Hubs declare that the content of the Website cannot be completely or partially copied, reproduced, republished, charged, transmitted, forwarded or distributed in any form without prior written authorisation from etrdaehubs exceptions include activities such as printing, downloading and viewing a part of the contents of the Website according to these Terms of Use and subject to the necessity that all information related to the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property rights are respected.
Similarly, the content of the Website may not be fully or partly distributed through communication channels such as the Internet, television or radio systems or any other system without prior written authorisation from eTH.
The users are the only ones responsible for the use of the Website and its content. Therefore, etrdaehubs cannot be considered in any way liable if the User utilises the Website or its content illegally.

8. Obligations of the users of the Website

All users who access the Website declare, implicitly, to be of legal age and agree to:
1. (a) not use the Website and the material that it contains for purposes that are illicit, contrary to current regulations, and/or in violation of third-party rights.
2. (b) act responsibly and in good faith when navigating and using the Website
3. (c) use the Website only to benefit from the related services in accordance with the Conditions of Use.
4. (d) not interact on the Website in the name of or on behalf of a third party where the latter has not provided binding authority to do so.

In addition, all users who access the Website agree not to use it themselves or allow a third party to use it to:
(a) modify, breach, disable or damage existing security features on the Website or to probe their weaknesses.
(b) intervene in any way in the navigation of the Website or in the use of services offered by etradehubs by attempting – for example only - to overburden the system or Website itself or to spread viruses.
(c) access the services offered by etradehubs from a platform other than the homepage of the Website.
(d) attempt to circumvent the security measures of the Website or to violate the network in which it occurs by accessing data that are not specifically designed for the users or probing the security of other networks.
(e) carry out any form of network monitoring to intercept data that is not specifically designed for individual users.
(f) send unsolicited emails including "junk mail" or other advertising materials to those who did not specifically request such. Specifically, users are expressly forbidden to send unwanted mass emails ("bulk mail"), including commercial e-mail, messages about promotions or information on political or religious surveys;
(g) send or receive information and/or content that is technically harmful (including but not limited to computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or other malicious software or harmful data); can cause unwarranted interference, incidents or attacks; aims to intercept, or attempts to intercept communications that were transmitted via telecommunications systems; is intended for any type of fraudulent purposes.

All users agree to inform etradehubs if they uncover or become aware of any of the above circumstances by sending an e-mail to the address under "Contact us" on the homepage of the Website.

9. Linking and framing

It is not permitted without prior written authorisation of etradehubs to create links with the homepage or even internal and/or additional pages for the Website or to introduce or present the content of the Website on another website ("Framing").

In order to obtain such written authorisation, the interested parties must submit a separate application by sending an email through the “Contact us” section on the homepage. Provided the application for creating a link is approved, the applicant will receive a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of etradehubs, solely for the purpose of providing a hyperlink from the Internet presence of the respective rights holders to the Website, and any other uses are expressly excluded.
A violation of the terms provided in this paragraph will also be punished according to relevant laws as unfair competition.

10. Changes or additions to the Website

eTrade Hubs can replace, add, modify and/or amend the Website and/or its contents as well as its implemented technology at any time without notice and at their own discretion. In this context etradehubs discloses that such activities may result in a temporary or permanent loss of access to the Website and/or its content.

11. Governing law and jurisdiction

The Terms of Use are governed solely by international laws and arbitration. All disputes arising in connection with these Terms of Use, including the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, and implementation, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the international court of justice.